Animator Jordan McClendon

Since graduating from Sage College of Albany in 2012, Jordan McClendon has been hard at work balancing full-time jobs and freelance work. Even when he's not working, Jordan continues to gain new skills by creating short animations on the side - just for fun! He's most proud of his short, The Plaza, a computer animation set in downtown Albany. Full Article


Aired: 11/05/18   Rating: NR

TV Film

The Hill | Museum

Season 11 Episode 2

Watch short films by local, independent filmmakers: 'The Hill' by Jordan McClendon. Full Article


Aired: 7/06/19   Rating: NR


Artist makes name for himself 

McClendon actually grew up in Poughkeepsie. He attended Sage College of Albany and now embraces the area. He verbalizes his appreciation for the place through his short animations. The shorts are getting lots of attention. It's quite an accomplishment for someone who works as a graphic artist and picked up animation on the side while the baby is napping. McClendon says other shorts of the city are on the way. He's hoping they bring back memories and reinvestment in the beauty of the area. Full Article


Aired: 3/13/19   Rating: NR

Local artist Jordan McClendon on his love of Albany architecture, his locally-focused graphic design and animation work and the balance of a full-time career and making time to learn new skills and develop his creative talent.


Aired: 7/08/19   Rating: NR


Positively Upstate

An Albany man is putting his creative talents to work by making computer animated mini-films of the Capital Region. Jordan McClendon, 29, has been building his collection of ‘Albany shorts’ for months. Only a couple minutes long and with no dialogue, each short story plays out to music. I just want to capture different areas (around Albany) and show it to the community in a creative, animated way,” he says. Full Article

Aired: 3/13/19   Rating: NR



The Plaza | Safehouse | Static

Watch short films by local, independent filmmakers: 'The Plaza' by Jordan McClendon. A music-driven figure skating routine that realizes the construction of the Empire State Plaza of the Capital of New York. 'Safehouse' by Micah Khan. After mission failure, A spy returns to a “safe” house. 'Static' by Kyle Kleege. After experiencing a terrible loss, a woman begins to change. Full Article


Aired: 7/24/20   Rating: NR

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